3D Profilers and Mems Solution

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The Optical 3D surface topography is performed by optical interferometry with vertical resolution down to 0.1 nm. Thanks to the adjustable mirror reflectivities, all kind of materials can be measured from 1% to 100% reflectance. FOGALE 3D optical profilers are mainly used for MEMS surface topography and back-end applications such as bumps dimensional control. The phase shifting method can be used to measure nanometer level step height and roughness of smooth surfaces.

The MEMS solution is an option enabling dynamic measurement of MEMS. FOGALE provides also environmental chamber to perform static and dynamic measurement under controlled atmosphere (pressure, vacuum and Temperature).


  • Full field White light interferometry
  • Stoboscopic full field phase and amplitude vibration measurement
  • Phase shifting measurement for small step height and nanometer level roughness measurement


  • Bumps process control
  • Surface topography
  • MEMS in motion analysis: in-plane and out-of-plane
  • Analysis under controlled atmosphere
    (vacuum, temperature or pressure)
  • Membrane shape

Benefits and Key features

  • Sub-nanometer resolution
  • Fast results
  • System stability
  • Powerfull analysis software
  • Stroboscopic measurement of MEMS in motion (for both in-plane and out of plane motion)
  • Long working distance Mirau objectives
  • Environmental chamber and corresponding glass compensated LWD objectives


  • Microsurf 3D
    Compact microscope for R&D
  • Photomap 3D
    Low cost solution for R&D and industrial applications
  • Zoomsurf 3D
    Semi automatic 3D profiler
  • Cybersurf 3D
    Fully automatic 3D profiler
  • Long working distance objectives
  • MEMS Solution
    Dynamic measurement of MEMS in motion
  • Environmental chambers