Semiconductor Business Unit
Product Metrology & application Project manager.


Headquartered in Nimes, France, FOGALE nanotech is an engineering company created in 1983 which has become a worldwide known reference in the field of high accuracy dimensional metrology.

Within the semiconductor department, the goal is to become a leader in design, development, manufacture and support of high-performance process control metrology equipment used by MEMS and semiconductor device manufacturers around the world. The company focuses on innovative metrology solutions for the new 3D integration approach. The semiconductor industry is hotly pursuing this promising technology and is asking for new processes and corresponding control solutions. The growth of the total sector involved in 3D integration will be exponential in the 2015-2020 periods. The goal for FOGALE is to increase its semiconductor business turnover by strongly reinforcing the team and developing partnership with CEA-LETI by creating a LETI-FOGALE common lab. The Product Metrology & Application engineer will be located in Grenoble for a 3 + years period.

Job description

The individual in this position will be responsible for the FOGALE-LETI project development. at LETI site. He/She will define functional analysis based on LETI and FOGALE customers’ requirements. He/She will support the tool installed at LETI and will be responsible for FOGALE–LETI communication. He/She will create recipes and perform tests and experiments to qualify developed solutions. He/She will generate bi-monthly reports of the activities and participate in European project tasks.

At LETI site: minimum period: 3 years

  • Communication interface between FOGALE engineering group and LETI metrology/process groups
  • Understand application requirements, measurement specifications and communicate them to the FOGALE R&D group.
  • Generate, test and implement with Leti-Fogale common lab team Best Known Methods per applications.
  • Training & support
  • Participate, propose and write publications for the external communication of the project, to conferences, technological journals or peer reviewed scientific journals.
  • Deployment of new features based on the R&D roadmap
  • Support to the development team (troubleshooting, use cases & log files feedback)

At Fogale main office in Nîmes: the individual will travel several times per month to FOGALE headquarter.

  • Define and applies qualification procedures before deployment at LETI site
  • Update with development team for new R&D work on Fogale technology
  • Discuss to other teams member to forecast and sort the most promising application from market perspective
  • Updates application notes according to on-going development

Based upon personal skills and business evolution the position could evolve to Product management. The position could also evolve to application, marketing or support position.

Qualifications / Skills Required

  • Education: BAC+5 or BAC+7 in mechanical, optical or semiconductor science
  • Experience: Post doc or -5 years’ experience in metrology within the semiconductor industry.
  • Strong computer/systems skills (statistics, Jump, programming)
  • Strong knowledge of data analysis
  • Very strong communication skill. The candidate will represent FOGALE Nanotech at CEA-LETI site and will communicate with other industrial partners.
  • Language: French and English

125 rue de l’Hostellerie
Ville Active Bât.A – Parc Acti+
Code postal : 30900
Ville : NIMES
Contact Persons :

Industrialization & Manufacturing Manager

The individual in this position will be responsible for further industrialization and manufacturing engineering, with a "make or buy" approach.

Job responsabilities:
Define manufacturing strategy
Manage Manufacturing, purshasing and outsourcing
Manage subcontractors and external manufacturing sites
Implement manufacturing process control strategies and processes.
Define and implment metrics on a weekly basis: quality, time for tool delivery, cost
Implement cost reduction plans
Responsible for tool certification (EC, S2, S8....) in partnership with the technical team
Participate in design control meetings, identify and prioritize products, review requirements for product design and development. Assure that developped solutions are manufacturable.
Monitor project status and participate in meetings for new product planning, business review, schedule of manufacturing.

Education: Master degree or higher
At least 5 years of experience in a semiconductor equipment manufacturing site or equivalent
Langage: French and english (mandatory)